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I contacted IBM with this issue and they pointed me to these documents
along with offering assistance. The joblogs were being spooled due to the
settings in the qgpl/qdftsvr jobd which was also mentioned in these
documents. Thanks for sending me down the right path Chuck.

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On 07-Jan-2014 13:07 -0800, Bakutis, Becky wrote:
We recently restored data to a new P7 running V7R1. Now when the DDM
service profile job runs it is creating joblogs every minute. Message
CPF1301 is getting created:

Message: ACGDTA for 712257/QUSER/QRWTSRVR not journaled; reason 1.
Cause: Job resource accounting data for job 712257/QUSER/QRWTSRVR was
not journaled to the system accounting journal QSYS/QACGJRN. --
Reason codes and their meanings follow: -- 1-The accounting level
system value (QACGLVL) indicated that this level of resource
accounting was not to be done when the job entered the system.

System value QACGLVL is set to *NONE. Everything I have read states to
ignore this error. I am concerned that it is creating so many joblogs.
The jobd is set up with message logging of 4 0 *NOLIST with End
severity of 30. The joblog shows a severity of 30 for CPF1301.
Someone suggested adding *JOB to the QACGLVL system value plus
whatever else needs to be done. This is not a fix, but is it the right

My recollection also is that the msg CPF1301 in that [and various
other] server job(s) is innocuous, as others state; i.e. merely a side
effect of an explicit or implicit request to effect Change Accounting Code
(CHGACGCDE), I believe at the start of reuse of each job.

Thus, just ignore that message...

Instead, investigate what is causing the jobs to spool a joblog; which
is almost surely *not* the CPF1301. I would probably review a job trace
to see if I could infer a reason... but perhaps searching the IBM support
or the web more generally might find a similar issue being resolved.

There may be a trace or debug feature active, for which producing the
joblog is the side effect; e.g. the IBM DRDA/DDM QRWOPTIONS Debug Data
Area. For that specifically, review the following KB article [found be a
web search of QRTWSRVR] to see what might have been done to start forced
logging and thus infer how to reverse the effects:
_Getting Job Log from QRWTSRVR Job_
Technote Reference #: N1019545
Historical Number: 21063654
"... Refer to Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document N1017342,
IBM DRDA/DDM QRWOPTIONS Debug Data Area, for more information on the
QRWOPTIONS data area. To link to document N1017342 <> ..."

Although not helpful with regard to reducing the occurrences directly,
these may mitigate the effects on the system Work Management for number of
jobs on the system and the amount of spool data maintained.

The effect of /detach/ of the joblog feature from tracking to the job
may be of some use. The Job Description could be changed to have
SPLFACN(*DETACH) instead of SPLFACN(*KEEP). There is a system value

Also there is the Job log output (LOGOUTPUT) setting for the JOBD,
[there is a system value QLOGOUTPUT] and that is discussed in the
following archived message; a doc link included after:
Subject: QRWTSRVR jobs in JOBLOG PENDING status?; go CLEANUP!
From: <elehti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 12:48:47 -0500

IBM i 7.1 Information Center -> Printing -> Basic printing -> Managing
printing -> Managing spooled files _Controlling the number of spooled

Regards, Chuck
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