Just to add some info to Chuck's reply - ObjectConnect is a no charge part of the OS (57xxSS1 - option 22) and you will have it on your release discs if you don't have it currently installed.  Installs very quickly (such a small bit of code I don't know why they don't put it in the base code, OR install it on a new box with Software Preload feature ordered).

I use those commands (SAVRSTLIB, SAVRSTOBJ, SAVRST) a lot, after creating an Enterprise Extender connection between old & new boxes, for data migration on small systems with incompatible media (previously had a lot of customers with QIC tape upgrade to new boxes with DAT tape when IBM dropped QIC support on i, now (thankfully, because DAT sucks - and IBM is now dropping DAT support on i) many of those customers are now replacing those systems with new ones using RDX for backup).

Setting up Enterprise Extender is dead easy and takes only a minute or two.  (Ask if you want example commands).
The only catch being CHGNETA ALWHPRTWR(*YES)  can only be done when all *APPC controllers are varied off.

Neil Palmer, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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On 10 Oct 2013 21:26, Vikhyath Kamath wrote:
I thought we could do SAVE while active to Save files!!

  Saves to a save file are limited to one /library/ object.  Thus
"saving to save files won't allow" saving "more than one" library.  And
that is irrespective the Save active (SAVACT) specification on the save

Also, doesn't the SAVRSTOBJ needs SNA setup?

_i ObjectConnect function i_
To use the ObjectConnect functions, you must have ObjectConnect
installed on both the source and target systems. The systems must be
connected with one of the following methods:

    * Local area network (LAN) or remote communications line with
Advanced Program-to-Program Communication (APPC) and Advanced
Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN*).
    * LAN or remote communications line with Transmission Control
Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) with AnyNet* or Enterprise Extender
    * Fiber optic bus with OptiConnect.

  Enterprise Extender [or AnyNet] would enable that capability over TCP/IP.

_Configuring Enterprise Extender communications for the iSeries system_
"Enterprise Extender is a networking architecture that allows Systems
Network Architecture (SNA) applications to run over IP networks using
High Performance Routing (HPR).

Enterprise Extender is the preferred way to run SNA applications over IP
networks with communications input/output adapters (IOAs), such as
Gigabit Ethernet, because these IOAs do not require an input/output
processor (IOP). Communications adapters that do not use an IOP do not
support SNA. Therefore, Enterprise Extender is required to run SNA over
these adapters. It is recommends that Enterprise Extender be used in
place of AnyNet®.

Regards, Chuck

On Wednesday, October 9, 2013 11:38 PM, Evan Harris wrote:

Is this just one library, or more than one ?

If more than one, do the objects and data need to be in synch in the
saved libraries ? If they need to be in synch, are you stopping any
processes that might cause updates while the save takes place ? This
is where a save to virtual tape might prove more effective as you
can use save while qctive to minimise the outage window and also save
all the libraries in <one> hit. Saving to save files won't allow you
to do that.

If it's only one library and the machine is another IBM i I would
skip the FTP option and go with SAVRSTOBJ in most cases. It uses
less storage and is much tidier, in my opinion.

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