Depends on your bandwidth :-)

Save to SAVF, compress and restore to remote seems pretty easy.

Just don't plan to move it all daily unless you have a window.

Our FTP/400 product has a SNDLIBFTP and a SAVLIBFTP command or you can roll your own or someone else here might have a suggestion on automating.

I use SAVLIBFTP for my daily source library backups to NAS and it works great.

SNDLIBFTP would be best to send an entire library and restore it.

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message: 8
date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 16:03:47 +0000
from: "Stone, Joel" <Joel.Stone@xxxxxxxxxx>
subject: replicate PROD iseries box to distant TEST box cross-country

We are separating our PROD & TEST boxes geographically.

There is approx 30 gig of data & objects to copy.

People in my organization are convinced that tape is the only method given the data volume. But tape is cumbersome; takes several days to transport, tapes go missing, must be logged out, logged-in, etc.

What other strategies should be considered?

Would the following work well (FTP instead of tape transport)?


2) ARP-ZIP to compress *SAVF

3) FTP from iseries PROD box to distant TEST box

4) RSTLIB to TEST box

Is it possible that 30 gig could be moved in a few hours? Or is that unrealistic.

Any suggestions such as further details or better ideas?


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