Ah! i know what your problem is...
Front panel, does it perchance read: 01 B N V=F P? it should read 01 B N
V=F T. In the same way you have A side and B side for LIC you have P and T
(permanent and temporal) sides for the FSP's firmware. You are IPL'ing from
P which is the same as IPLing from A and expecting ptfs to be loaded.
Next time, do a PWRDWNSYS but take care that it's a *FULL and not a *SYS
one. It'll restart the FSP and load the correct fw.

Best Regards!

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 4:15 PM, John McKee <jmmckee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Finally did.

shows eight MH PTFs - 1076, 1073, 1070, 1053, 1007, 1004, 1001, 0997. All
permantly applied. All show "Permanently applied - IPL". IPL source is

Displaying general information for 5722999 MH01076 shows Server IPL
required ##SERV#T

Sticking my neck way out - does this imply that a second IPL from "B" side
will fix?

We had PTFs temp applied on "B" for years. We are IPLed, now, on "B". Did
IPL this morning only end up syncing B and A sides, and another IPL will
fix it?

DSPPTF LICPGM(5722SS1) shows most recent (?) cum as TC10292.

I have applied PTFs suggested in (I have three documents don't remember
which one) manuals for v5r4 to v61 maybe v71 (mind is going). Will look
through the docs a lot more to be sure nothing was missed. Since things
are working, predictably, is there any point in loading a more recent
CUME? I know you guys with LOADS more experience say link loader is no
longer an issue. But, is there any point to loading a CUME to get to next
level if upgrade PTFs are permanently applied?

John McKee
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