Rube goldberg machine came to mind when you detailed this method :-)

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It depends upon what the device is running. I use timeclocks from
Icontime and basically it runs Busybox (a very lightweight Linux distro)
I have a Java servlet on IBM i that goes out and polls the the clocks
and retrieves the data using a CGI program (so basically each clock has
a tiny web server). The CGI "program" is just a bash script. It's all
pretty easy.

So the first question would be how to query the device (it is a little
vague about it). It *might*even be running something like Busybox. At
that point, I could even share the scripts I use.

Pete Helgren
GIAC Secure Software Programmer-Java

On 8/22/2013 9:38 PM, Mike Cunningham wrote:
Does anyone know of a way to direct connect an iSeries to a magnetic stripe card reader?

I found this device but it does not go into much detail on how to talk to it. Would I be able to use the sockets API to talk to this type of device?

I really do not want to get into having a windows system setup to collect the data and then try to get that up to the iSeries. I have used 5250 connected time clocks but that is a bit overkill for my need. Which is to just let students swipe a card to clock in/out of a location.

Or something a little more robust and use F1 to clockin and F2 for clockout. This one would store internally and the FTP client in the iSeries could pull the data.

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