CRTSQLPKG specifying the program name will recreate the SQL package. Try that on the 3rd machine and see if it will run...

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I am creating an SQLRPGLE program that accesses a remote IBM i database.
I create the SQLRPGLE program on my test IBM i. I create the SQLPKG on
the remote server from m test box. I can access the remote server via
the SQLPKG via my SQLRPGLE program - not a problem.
I now move my program to the a 3rd staging IBM i machine and I want to
access the same SQLPKG on the same remote box as before. But on the
staging box I am getting SQL error -805 - SQLPKG not found. The SQLPKG
is there when I look at the object via WRKOBJ.

I have many questions, but here are the 1st 2:
1. Do I need to recreate the SQLPKG on the server machine from the
staging box in order to run my program on the staging box?
2. Is there a way to create a generic SQLPKG that can be accessed from
multiple IBM i clients?

Thanks for your help.


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