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If you're using Rational Developer 8.0, 8.5 or 9.0 you can create an iProject and check out all your source and manage it in SVN either thru the SVN plugin to Eclipse or Tortoise just like your guys use on Windows.

This may work, but feels a little klunky and may not be good for a team approach.

I have built my own SVN service component that actually leaves all the source masters on the i in libraries and auto-versions the changed source members nightly for selected libraries.

We also capture any during the day source changes made via Rational Developer or SEU into an archive source library which also gets versioned. Also created my own versions of the SEU commands and capture the Rational Developer system events when a source member gets opened for editing.

Not a perfect scenario, but handles the archiving of source quite nicely and the main source stays on the i so it's i-centric.

It's still a work in process :-)

You can also google for Aaron Bartells articles on SVN and using the Java SVN API's from the i. Then you could actually possibly create a mechanism to check out to the IFS for version control but maintain a working copy in a library. I started with this approach but since source control isn't my main line of business I abandoned it because of lack of time, plus the community in general didn't seem too interested in contributing to an open source effort to come up with a SVN based i-source management process.

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message: 5
date: Tue, 06 Aug 2013 08:42:32 -0500
from: Gqcy <gmufasa01@xxxxxxxxx>
subject: move my source to IFS, start to use SVN

I am ready to make the jump to moving my source, but am not sure my
first steps...

In reading previous issues I have some questions:

what sources can I not move to IFS (DSPF, DDS PF/LF)?

Will the object have the source it was compiled over, with timestamp?
-or does this not matter, if using a SVN tool, as it will keep
track of proper source?

What SVN should I use?
on our windows development side we use TortoiseSVN...

other gotcha's???

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