As others have noted, DCLF and RCVF on admfile may be the answer.

If, however, you are doing some complicated SQL over a largish file to get your date (which seems a bit unlikely if admfile is a flat file) an SQL command with this might work:
create table qtemp/zz_Date as (
substr(admadmrec, 9,8) MyDate
from admfile
) with data

You'd still need a DCLF ZZ_Date and a RCVF.

Of course, this is a little trickier to compile.


On 7/30/2013 6:25 PM, A Paul wrote:

I am looking to do date comparison in CL program.

I get the date from a flat file with the below SQL
substr(admadmrec, 9,8)
from admfile

the value is in format yyyymmdd.

How do you output this date into a variable (&VAR) to compare with another variable(&DATE) that picks APPLICATION DATE in the same format 20130608(yyyymmdd).

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