Rob hit the nail on the head! I set my CCSID to the value their UserProfile has and encountered the same results.

I must have overlooked this setting when comparing the user profiles! My bad!

Thanks Rob!

Steve Needles

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yet another CCSID issue perhaps?

Rob Berendt
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I've searched the IBM manuals and the archives to no avail. Here are the

We are at V7R1 and the user profiles, JOBD's, authority and library lists,
etc. all appear to be correct...that is...the same.

Running this code imbedded in RPG:

parmcon = '1234567890';
parmaction = 'get';

exec sql set :parm_xml1 =
'< XMLGROUP>' ||
XMLelement(name "action",:parmaction),
XMLelement(name "contractNumber",:parmcon))
as CLOB(1m))) ||

When I run it, I get the following results in parm_xml1:


When another runs it, this is the result:


Note that the parameters that are in the XMLElement() function
become...unusual. Any ideas?

Steve Needles
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