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On 6/24/2013 10:36 AM, John McKee wrote:

1) System has 867 PTFs temporarily applied. Since thry are already
installed, is there any danger of a link loader issue when they are
permanently applied? I am unclear as to whether the link loader error
manifested itself on teporarily or permanently applying PTFs. Did try
searching both Midrange and using Google. A bit odd, but there are
two PTFs with status of "On order only".

Well theoretically yes, because permanently applying them exercises the link loader on the "A" side. However since V5R3M5 the link loader can handle a BIG Bunch of PTFs all at once. 867 is not too many at all.

Those "On Order Only" are PTFs that someone did either SNDPTFORD or accessed the system when ordering with Fix Central but they aren't on the box yet.

a default of *ALL for Product. The outfile lists 5722SS1 for every
PTF. A DSPPTF to screen shows all products. I thought this was
unusual. Is it? Wondering if application of a CUME at some point was
relevant. Former sa was just not "into" PTFs.

Well it would be odd if you were on V7R1 :-) You are looking at the wrong field. Check out the "Licensed Program" field rather than the "System Licensed Program" Field.

3) For product 5722999 there are four PTFs listed (MH01007, MH01004,
MH01001, and MH00997) with status "Permanently applied - IPL". All
appear to have been applied 1/09/11. Multiple IPLs have been
performed since then.

*WARNING WARNING* Service Partition in play! (Or at least the system things it is.) These are PTFs for the firmware of the machine. When you IPL this partition and *NO* other partitions are operational THEN these PTFs will be applied.

I know only real issue is permanently applying temporarily applied
PTFs before upgrade to clean out old save files. But, questions 2 and
3 just seem odd.

Perm apply is more than just cleaning up old save files! First it deletes the space used by the 'UnDo' information which save you disk space as well. Secondly it makes the "A" and "B" sides of the Licensed Internal Code be the same. You never want these to get too far apart in the first place because if you ever have to flip back to the "A" side and it's "very very old" you could have other issues due to MF PTFs that are not available.

With IBM i 7.1 this is not in practice a large problem because with the Technology Refresh group you are effectively making the "A" and "B" sides the same with each TR Group apply.

John McKee

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