On 06 Jun 2013 16:27, Jon Paris wrote:
I normally use WRKMSGD to edit messages - but now I have an existing
file which includes messages whose second level text exceeds the 512
character limit.

Anyone know of a tool that will allow edits on messages like this?

I did not read the article, although I may have in the past, so I am not confident it is what is desired. Although "I wanted more than 512" appears early, so likely it is a good match. I just found it with a web search of what I either recalled or imagined someone might call their utility to effect such a function: "EDTMSGD"

TechTalk: Expanding ADDMSGD
Tips & Techniques - CL
Written by Craig Pelkie
Friday, 31 May 1991 18:00
A message can hold up to 3000 characters in the second-level text, and I wanted more than 512, so that I could write longer help messages.

The EDTMSGD (Edit Message Description) command presented here (Figures 4a, 4b, and 4c) lets you enter or review and change the first- and second-level text for a message. ..."

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