There are quite a few sites that replicate mailing list archives. Unfortunate (because it's deceptive in my book), but true.


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I did not know about "gmane simply replicates everything from midrange-l"

But funny to me that if "CR" would just search he would have seen the same thing and MORE to all his questions.

Bill Hopkins

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You just gave "Crystal Reports" information which could make him *really* dangerous. ;-D -sjl

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gmane simply replicates everything from midrange-l. Nothing original there. Nothing nefarious on anyone's part except for gmane itself.

It may already have a sys admin. It just wants to figure it out for itself. Lots of us on this list would probably want to do it ourselves also. Maybe not tune it or anything, but just decide who is the culprit.

What RTM link would you point someone to for an intro to Work Management?

I like the WRKACTJOB directions someone gave.

I would add using iNav's Management Central to do performance evaluation.
Especially to someone coming from another platform. If they are running
6.1 or 7.1 and are current with PTF's there's the web version available at

Rob Berendt
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This is a lie Bill. You are making a statement that is a lie.

I honestly don't understand what is wrong with having a general discussion
about system performance. WHy should I not want to see if I can help the
system? And for those not aware, CR does not update any tables.

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And he is also asking similar questions here....

Bill Hopkins

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