I had brought up this technique, as an extra bit of information - I forget how I tied it to the OP's post - I agree that it may not be directly on point.

But for general information and the archives, required parameters have to be the first parameters in the source member. If not, the required behavior does not occur.

So if the required parameter should be PRESENTED after optional ones, then the PROMPT number can be used to re-order the parameters when pressing F4.

Someone also mentioned key parameters in the thread. I've not actually used them, but I think I have a little understanding. They seem tied to CHG* commands - CHGLIB has one key parameter - the library name - this uniquely identifies the object that is to be changed. Then a prompt override program is specified that is used to fill in other parameters with current values, if the user is authorized to make the change. See what happens if you run CHGDEVD (I think) and don't have *IOSYSCFG special authority.

Anyhow, I realize this is a digression from the OP's question, still, I hope it'll be useful somewhere and somewhen.


On 4/13/2013 10:12 AM, CRPence wrote:
Yes. The second element of the PROMPT parameter for the PARM
cmd-source-command [aka a "command definition statement"] assigns the
Prompt Position [aka the "Order prompt is displayed"]. However, I am
not sure how its use would apply to the scenario in the OP.

I described such a command source recently, with similar effect as
seen on CPYFRMIMPF [when enter is pressed with just the command on the
command line]. Either link below is to the same message; just sourced
Subject: Slight CMD problem with DFT() keyword using QUAL

Regards, Chuck

On 12 Apr 2013 22:32, Carel wrote:
The order of a PARM ca be set with the PROMPT parameter, IIRC.

On 13-4-2013 0:10, Vern Hamberg wrote:
OK - the OP could maybe take advantage of setting the order of
parameters in the PROMPT attribute. This setting lets you put
MIN(n) parameters somewhere after the start of the display - they
DO have to be at the start of the source.

I think I just saw this on maybe CPYFRMIMPF - TOFILE is required
and positional 1 - FROMSTMF and FROMFILE are optional and
positional 2 & 3, resp. And they appear on screen ahead of TOFILE,
the required parameter.

On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 5:11 PM, Stone, Joel wrote:
I would like to build a command to return sysName and libName.

But, I would like the variables to be optional when using the

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