Yes. The second element of the PROMPT parameter for the PARM cmd-source-command [aka a "command definition statement"] assigns the Prompt Position [aka the "Order prompt is displayed"]. However, I am not sure how its use would apply to the scenario in the OP.

I described such a command source recently, with similar effect as seen on CPYFRMIMPF [when enter is pressed with just the command on the command line]. Either link below is to the same message; just sourced differently:
Subject: Slight CMD problem with DFT() keyword using QUAL

Regards, Chuck

On 12 Apr 2013 22:32, Carel wrote:
The order of a PARM ca be set with the PROMPT parameter, IIRC.

On 13-4-2013 0:10, Vern Hamberg wrote:
OK - the OP could maybe take advantage of setting the order of
parameters in the PROMPT attribute. This setting lets you put
MIN(n) parameters somewhere after the start of the display - they
DO have to be at the start of the source.

I think I just saw this on maybe CPYFRMIMPF - TOFILE is required
and positional 1 - FROMSTMF and FROMFILE are optional and
positional 2 & 3, resp. And they appear on screen ahead of TOFILE,
the required parameter.

On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 5:11 PM, Stone, Joel wrote:
I would like to build a command to return sysName and libName.

But, I would like the variables to be optional when using the

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