A couple of thoughts:

- Perhaps the issue is that the trigger program should not have an F-spec for the file?
- A *BEFORE trigger allow you do update the field in the record before it is actually inserted into the file.

Trigger programs are handy, but is listening for a dataqueue the better solution to this problem?

On 3/25/2013 2:26 PM, Jack Tucky wrote:
I'm working on a project where a shop floor device will use FTP to insert a
record into a PF file. The plan is to use a trigger to process the incoming
record, but the specs also call for the trigger to write a result record
into the same file.

For instance, the shop floor device might put a record in the file that says
"SERIAL#=12345678', then I need to write a result record, either
'SERIAL#=12345678 not found' or 'SERIAL#=12345678,PCS=100', or several other

The trigger will fire again when we write the record. I've tried setting
the trigger to *DISABLED before I write my result record, but I'm still
getting RNX8888, RPG program TRIGGER was called recursively.

I'm not sure that the shop floor device could receive the result
transactions in a different file. Is there a way for the trigger to ignore
certain events?

Thanks, Jack

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