On 3/22/13 3:08 PM, Jerry Draper wrote:
I've got one of these rumbling around in Texas.

Possible places to look:

New machines? Typically have lots of software trying to call home for
updates or put an ad up for you viewing pleasure. Disable all of these.
They can interfere with network connections if they misbehave.

Bad switch? Are the clients on the same switch?

Found out something else just now, after watching a demonstration in a GoToMeeting session:

It seems that the failures, though intermittent, are always connected in some way with 5250 pop-up windows being dismissed, in an application that, near as I can tell from what I saw in the GoToMeeting session, rapidly pops up and dismisses pop-up windows at various times.

And I was able to get a look at a couple of joblogs from failed terminal sessions: I don't see any diagnostics that would explicitly tell me that my emulator (as in I wrote the damned thing) is misbehaving for the customer, or in what way, and likewise, by all accounts, my emulator isn't giving any kind of error message that it's been given a data stream it doesn't recognize, but I *do* see a CPF5140 message, followed by a lot of cleanup messages.

Back before I put in the blind-fix that caused it to crash instead of locking up, I saw some data stream dumps, and there was no indication of anything *other than* data ceasing to flow.

At this point, I'm not ruling out anything, and I'm wondering if I'm sending a bad response to some obscure 5250 command. The maddening thing is that it's intermittent.

I'm told that the parent desktop application of the emulator (our Wintouch CRM product) does *not* experience a connection-drop when this occurs, so if it's a flaky connection, it would have to be flaky in a way that our Wintouch application (persistent socket connection, with a "heartbeat" sent from the client after every 30 seconds of idle time, and a server that assumes disconnection if it goes for 2 minutes without hearing from the client) wouldn't even notice.


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