We have 3 280D-001 fiber IOA’s in our system connected to a
TS3200 w/ 2 drives and a TS3100 w/ 1 drive.  Recently I attempted to place a fiber switch
between the system and the tape drives so that I could use the tapes drives on
other systems as well.   To do so, and
after reading several online posts, I simply inserted the fiber switch between
the connections (3 Fiber connections to switch & 1 fiber connection to each
tape drive – 1 fiber zone containing all devices).   After doing so I successfully varied on each
tape device (we are using the libraries as devices) and let are backups execute
as normal (CL SAVLIB scripts).  The first
night the backups for each drive lasts 30 minutes longer than without the fiber
switch… followed by increasing times each subsequent night which is now up to
an 1 hour longer per drive.  After doing
some investigation on the fiber switch, I realized that all throughput to the
iSeries was going across a single fiber IOA (the first one I attached to the
switch).  So I set off and created a
fiber zone for each fiber IOA & Tape drive… but after doing so only the
tape drive which was connected to the fiber IOA I first plugged in would vary
on.  I dug into the iSeries side and soon
realized that the fiber IOA is now the ‘owner’  of each of our Tape drives: 
Resource        Type-model  Status                Text          
DC14             280D-001   Operational           Tape Controller
  TAP02          3580-004   Operational           Tape Unit     
  TAP01          3580-004   Operational           Tape Unit     
  TAP03          3580-004   Operational           Tape Unit
So now I’m completely stuck… Is there a way to reassign these
TAP0* resources under DC14 to another 280D-001 resource?  
If not, I’m thinking I need to delete each device
description, reconnection each tape drive directly to the iSeries, and power
cycle each IOA.  After that, I believe I will
need to reconnect each device to the fiber switch and configure them to
specific zones as I am attaching them.  Thoughts?   

Also, Is it safe to power cycle an IOA during online hours or should this be done offline?

Thanks in advance!!


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