On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 1:33 PM, Buck Calabro <kc2hiz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The day that someone at MYCOMPANY decides they need STATIC storage
scoped not just to the job level, but to the activation group level is
the day they re-create that service program as ACTGRP(*CALLER). They'll
be doing work on it anyway in order to implement the new functionality
they're contemplating.

That statement doesn't make sense. changing the service program to
ACTGRP(*CALLER) would have no effect if every program using it still had

A more likely scenario is that you'd create a new program with
ACTGRP(MYPGM) or ACTGRP(*NEW) that tried to make use of procedures from an
existing service program that had ACTGRP(MYCOMPANY)...now you have trouble.
Now you have to change all *SRVPGM program (used by this new program) to

Is it really so hard to remember 2 rules...

Instead of the one?


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