So, I'm running V6R1M0 and I'm a bit behind rolling out my maintenance. I am just getting to TL12122 and will be moving on some of the later versions later this month. We applied the maintenance with the Saturday night/Sunday morning IPL and everything went fine. I looked through the logs on Monday morning and nothing out of the ordinary. I just happened to be working on a WebSphere problem and went to look in the QAUDJRN for some of the entries but didn't find anything.. ANYTHING. From the time the system was IPL'd Sat/Sun there were no entries written.

I verified:
I looked at QAUDJRN and verified that it had an active receiver.
A quick check of ASP1 and I was at 82%, so there plenty of storage (even though the machine would have crashed or been unresponsive before that).

I tested logging in with my user id and giving it a bad password. I logged back in and checked QAUDJRN for a T/AF record for my ID, nothing. I changed an objects owner and then changed it back. Again, looked for my ID in QAUDJRN and nothing.

I ended up opening a ticket with IBM. The first thing they asked me to do was go have the system create a new journal receiver. The only entry was the J/PR for a new receiver. In the end they had me change QAUDCTL to *NONE and then back to *AUDLVL and *NOQTEMP. That kicked started it into collecting. I've asked them how this could happen but haven't gotten a response yet.

As this ever happened to anyone? This seems like a major problem. If I hadn't happened to be working on a problem, it might have been months before I noticed it. I guess it may have been quicker as we have folks that look through those daily or ever other day.

Not really looking for what the best values are for QAUDCTL/QAUDLVL but more about the journaling stopping.


Mike Smith

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