max(RVYRMO) = 201303

therefore, your results are correct

201303 A
201303 C
201303 D

From: "Smith, Mike" <Mike_Smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Midrange Systems Technical Discussion (midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx)"
Date: 01/17/2013 01:57 PM
Subject: problem with max date
Sent by: midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I have a scenario where I need to pick this record with the highest YR/MO
from a file.
Records are like this

201301 A
201301 B
201301 C
201301 D
201303 A
201303 C
201303 D

My query doesn't pick up the record

201301 B

My query looks like this

FROM savectl00 where RVYRMO = (select max(RVYRMO) from savectl00 )

My results are

201303 A
201303 C
201303 D

My searching seems to indicate this is how to do it, but I'm not having
any luck.

What am I doing wrong?



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