Is it important for you to be able to do a
to see what tapes and when it was saved? Or is
good enough?

QUSRBRM can get a byte or two in it
#MXJRN 1,912,810,639,360
QGPL 369,684,475,904
GDIDIVF08 179,423,801,344
ERPLXF 168,973,004,800
ROUTINES 120,952,487,936
ERPLXFBK 84,211,118,080
ERPMRP 78,273,454,080
GDIDIVF 76,949,880,832
ERPLXUSRF 44,237,602,816
GDITOLF 38,707,965,952
ERPLXSAVF 37,237,932,032
ROB 21,921,136,640
QMPGDATA 20,959,854,592
ERPLXARCF 20,770,013,184
MGR1499099 18,257,580,032
QUSRBRM 16,891,650,048

Is your backup running 10 minutes? Just the actual save time; not all
that bringing the system in/out of restricted state stuff. Is it worth
losing the granularity to shave off some time? It may be. Just saying
that the actual save may not be the bulk of your save outage. See
DSPLOGBRM *BKU to break it down.

Rob Berendt

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