It's amazing what you can stumble upon.

I've always used *OBJ. The manual says:

"We recommend that you be selective with retaining object-level information
because it increases your disk storage considerably and affects your save
restore times. Unless you are constantly restoring individual objects from a
library, there is no need to keep object-level information. Remember that
can always restore an individual object even without keeping object-level
information as long as you know the library in which the object was stored."

Disk space isn't an issue as we have gobs of it. Save time? I don't know
how much of an effect it has there. Experiences, anyone?

I don't use multi-member physical files other than source physical files.
Can I still restore an individual source member if needed?

I seldom need to restore anything. Usually it's because someone asks me a
question about why something happened a week after the fact. I'll pull in
a couple of files to see what they looked like at the time.

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