Shouldn't I be getting a lot better throughput?

Help me out with my math. I've got an Ethernet line on 1 lpar talking to
an Ethernet line on another lpar. They both say:
Current line speed . . . . . . . . : 1G
Current duplex . . . . . . . . . . : *FULL

Target system:
Resource Type
CMB03 268C
LIN04 6B26
Source system:
CMB30 181C
LIN06 181C
CMN242 181C

They are both on our same 10.17.6 subnet.

I FTP'd a sizeable file and got these results:

Size, in bytes, of save file: 13,458,505,728
Seconds to perform transmission: 2,222
Bytes/sec: 6,056,933.271
bits/byte: 8
bits/second: 48,455,466.167
Gb/bits: 0.000000001
Gb/sec: 0.048455466

iNav's Management central says lan utilization was minimal.
iNav's says percent busy of disk was minimal. (currently 2-7%)
Source system has 64 disk arms.
Target system is a guest on the source. It has 6 equal "arms".

Shouldn't I be getting a lot better throughput? After all, 0.05 is not

I am not interested in any virtual ethernet backplane type solution due to
some H/A concerns.

Rob Berendt

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