You're probably right. I'm working from memory on this and it has been a long time. I looked at some of my commands and I've always put all the parms at the top above all the labelled groups. I learned this a long, long time ago; parser rules change over time.

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Hi Dan

IIRC, you CAN put ELEM groups and QUAL groups anywhere - they are labeled, so it doesn't matter - seems I did that for some commands at RJS, as a kind of self-documentation.

Of course, I have been wrong a couple times this year, and it's only the 2nd week!


On 1/9/2013 11:59 AM, Dan Kimmel wrote:

Your code is arranged incorrectly. First the CMD keyword statement, then all the PARM keyword statements, then the tagged groups of ELEM or QUAL or whatever referenced in your TYPE's.

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I am working on a command that I want to have a list as one of the parameters but I also want the parameter to contain a list as one of the elements.

I have a code value as the first parameter. For that code value there are four pieces of information; the code itself, a start date, an end date, and message information. The message information is itself a list made up of the message text, configuration text, and size text. So far so good.

Where the issue comes in is when I define the code and message as lists. There can be up to two codes and there could be up to three message lines for each code. When I specify the code with a max value of two (MAX(2)) and the message with a max value of three (MAX(3)) the command will not compile and I get the error shown here. Displaying second level text didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

CPD0258 30 More than three levels of nesting specified for keyword ENRCODE.

I have posted the code here

I am not seeing where the three levels are. It looks to me like just two; the ENRCODE PARM line, and the ELEM line with ENRMSG. Can someone help me out with what I'm missing?

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