On 31 Dec 2012 16:42, Stone, Joel wrote:
Wow tough crowd!

The only reason anyone should not be tough against the polluting of the list with trivial chatter, is... that any responses will also taint the forum [as I since have done, having sent this message]. The purpose of this list is described here:
"MIDRANGE-L -- Midrange Systems _Technical Discussion_ "

I would suggest changing the policy to:

Please communicate your desires to the list administrator, not to the list. The previous link, included above, clearly describes what the list administrator has declared as the current policy for this list with regard to non-technical discussion; i.e. "Please take non-technical discussions to the MIDRANGE-NONTECH mailing list." The homepage for the site also suggests that any issues with the list(s) should be sent to the administrator, stating that "[i]f you have questions or comments about the services that midrange.com provides, please feel free to contact david@xxxxxxxxxxxx"

Every Friday after 3 pm is "open Friday" - anything goes.

Now - I will put on my deflector shield :)

If you want an "anything goes" discussion area, then take any such contributions to an appropriate list\forum; e.g. on midrange.com:

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