On 06 Dec 2012 13:45, Mike Cunningham wrote:
We started getting spool files with prefix DBOPTRC* (followed by one
or two numbers) generated. All in excess of 2,000 pages that are an
SQL related.

First line in the file:

********** Flight Recorder Start **********

Later in the file:

***** exception *****
DbopExecOptimizerRequest: Query EXPLODED INTO VLOG 03008386
***** end of exception *****

Then shows an SQL SELECT and data on all the files used in the SELECT
and then things I have never seen before

Anyone have any idea what this is and why it's generating?

The effect seems to be an indication that the DBOP [¿SQE Optimizer?] component has experienced an error\exception for which a VL03008386 was logged to record the details of the [failed or perhaps just stumbled] query request. Presumably the joblog and\or that vlog [and others?] will contain more information from which an existing preventive PTF might be found from the list of those presented by a web search or a search of IBM Service, on the token "DbopExecOptimizerRequest". Or that information can be reviewed by IBM to investigate and locate an existing PTF or provide a new PTF. Less likely, because "exception" is denoted, the flight recorder was requested as part of some type of component-level trace of the DBOP.

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