On 04 Dec 2012 13:37, John McKee wrote:
I was building a query, using WRKQRY, on old data. I received an
MCH3203 error. According to the job log, error code is X'1720'
error class is 0.

The text goes on to state that the error class indicates how the
damage was detected. For error class 0000, it states "unspecified
abnormal condition".

Internal dump identifier is 0100EE1F

On v5r4.

I've never seen this before.

Pressing F(, I get RmslReleaseSeizeNoToken to program QDBGETM.

What does this mean?

It means that the LIC detected an error during Resource Management seize processing, for the failing instruction as requested by the OS database program QDBGETM. The generic message MCH3203 indicates that a non-specific LIC "Function Check" occurred, and that a VLIC log [VLOG] was produced for that failure [though others may preceded or follow] with Dump Identifier 0100EE1F, to document the failure. FWiW: Spooling that specific DmpID can be achieved using the Print Internal Data [PRTINTDTA] CL command; though using STRSST and then navigating to the VLogs may show others of interest.

With everything that is provided in the quoted message, the simplest of symptom strings for possible match:
f/RmslReleaseSeizeNoToken T/QDBGETM
Possible additional symptom string keyword: VL02001720

A web search yielded, on just the former two kwds:
MA41836 with MF55136 superseded by PTF MF55919

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