Hello Darryl

A few year ago I've found and downloaded a homegrown utility called
Filescan that:
a. Calles a program to run a DSPPGFMREF on all PGM objects in a list of
(we SOBMJOB this program each night)
b. Lets you run a CMD named FILESCAN FILE(XXX....) (... are wildcarsd)
and get a spool file list of all programs using that XXX file(s)
This command also creates a work file with those PGMs so you can,
c. Run a CMD named COMPILE (RPG/CL..) that scans the A/M PGMs file,
display each entry (PGM) and lets you compile it by hitting Enter or
bypass it by F1

Over the years we have enhanced it a little to also produce a PGM-PGM ref
that shows which PGM's calles what PGMs

We use this tool quit a lot when files (PF or LF) are changed.

I regret to say I've forgotten who originally developed this tool so I
can't put credit where it's due.

Try to look it up, if you don't find it I will assemble a savf for you.


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