Hi, Alan:

Why not run your Qsh "ls" command and redirect the output to a true IFS file, e.g. in "/tmp", then, returning to your CL program, you can use the CPYFRMSTMF command to copy that file to your physical file member ... and CPYFRMSTMF supports MBROPT(*ADD) or MBROPT(*REPLACE) ...


Mark S. Waterbury

> On 11/13/2012 3:12 PM, Alan Shore wrote:
Thanks for the reply Rob
If my coding had never worked, I would probably go with the Scott Klement type of IFS handling, but it HAS been working (I know - obstinate so and so - that's me)
And now that its NOT working now, I'm not too sure ifs auditing will help.

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shot from the hip: IFS auditing?

or rewrite to some Scott Klement type of IFS handling to do it piece-by-piece. :-(

Rob Berendt

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