Thanks Jim.

I agree 11 cpi would never result in 11 cpi for chars and 10 cpi for spaces. But that is the net result. Apparently when OS maps out the fields, it uses the single font-id pitch that the printer file was created with to size the fields. I have a 30 char NAME field, it plots it on the paper as 30 char / 10 cpi = 3 inches. When I change the pitch to 11, it still seems to allocate the 3 inches to the NAME field - but the name only takes 2.7 inches width. So now there is 0.3 inches of space between the name and the next field.

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Depending upon the printers and definitions in use, the system may be
substituting other fonts for the 432.
That can result in unexpected printing.
I don't think 11 cpi would ever mean 11 cpi for the characters and 10 cpi
for the space between text
and data (if I understood you correctly).
This whole section of the Info Center (V6R1) describes the AFP Compatibility

btw- in dds, putting the font keyword at the record format should be the
font for all printing in the format.
I would suggest trying the courier fonts 75 and 416 (no pointsize)

Jim Franz

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I have an AFPDS external print file described in DDS.

Here is the RLU display:

Date Order Completed:XXXXXXXXXX
Time In............:XXXXXXXX
Time Out...........:XXXXXXXX

The report looks great in 10 CPI as shown below:

Date Order Completed: 10/19/2012
Time In.............: 15:56:00
Time Out............: 16:56:00

But I need to squish stuff smaller. So I changed pitch from 10cpi to
11cpi at the record level: FONT(432 (*POINTSIZE 11)) .

Now there are several spaces between DDS described fields at print time:

Date Order Completed: 10/19/2012
Time In.............: 15:56:00
Time Out............: 16:56:00

|--------------why are there extra spaces here and
how can I remove them?

I am thinking when I use the FONT(432 (*POINTSIZE 11)), the font is
reduced properly. But the mapping of FIELDS is still using 10 cpi to
place the NEXT field, resulting in too much space between fields.

Is there a DDS keyword to use 11 CPI for field placement (as opposed to
font size)?

I can CRTPRTF with


And then fields DO map out using 11 cpi.

Is there a way to do this with DDS keywords - instead of CRTPRTF options?
(So no one has to remember to key in FONT sizes when creating print file).


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