I have questions about SAVFs that are in QGPL and appear to be PTFs for
versions/products that I don't have. We're at V6R1M0. I recently
installed all of our PTFs permanently and used iSeries Navigator to Clean
Up PTFs. But when I check SAVFs in QGPL I find:

QMH01079 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733905-MH01079 V1R1M0
QSI32378 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI32378 V1R1M0
QSI33321 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI33321 V1R1M0
QSI33835 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI33835 V1R1M0
QSI33881 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI33881 V1R1M0
QSI33979 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI33979 V1R1M0
QSI34030 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI34030 V1R1M0
QSI34109 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI34109 V1R1M0
QSI36676 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733XT2-SI36676 V1R2M0
QSI40088 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI40088 V1R1M0
QSI40232 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI40232 V1R1M0
QSI40424 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI40424 V1R1M0
QSI40426 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI40426 V1R1M0
QSI40928 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI40928 V1R1M0
QSI43019 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI43019 V1R1M0
QSI43219 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI43219 V1R1M0
QSI43238 QGPL SAVF PTF 5733OMF-SI43238 V1R1M0
QSI47638 QGPL SAVF PTF 5770UME-SI47638 V1R3M0

None of those products even show as a valid option in DSPPTF. I check
with Google and find, for example, that 5733OMF is for OmniFind Text
Search Server for DB2 for i, a licensed program we don't have installed.
All told I have around 680 PTFs that are for products we don't have. Is
it realistic to want to remove these and if so, how would one do so when
neither RMVPTF or DLTPTF will touch them?

Andrew  Lopez
Systems Analyst

Phone:   803-714-2037

Email: ALopez@xxxxxxxxxx
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