And be aware that the SHARE parameter is not a file-level spec, but a member-level specification. The SHARE specification on CRTPF applies only to the member that is optionally created with that command [i.e. for other than MBR(*NONE)]. Thus the SHARE parameter is also on the ADDPFM command, and the share attribute can be established separately for each member; or reset by CHGPFM. Unlike some other attributes of a database file [e.g. SIZE], the share-specification is not adopted from the like-named attribute of the database *FILE [in]to which the member is added.

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On 04 Oct 2012 08:25, Karl wrote:
Take care ....
When you create a file (CRTPF), you can specify a parameter for Open
Data Path.

IBM Default is *NO, but this can be change... and if the value is
*YES the open data path will be shared even without OVRDBF.

Share open data path . . . . . . SHARE *NO


On Oct 3, 2012, at 5:54 PM, Barbara Morris wrote:


From RPG's point of view, the files are completely independent.
The only way they would be using the same file path is if you had
a share(*yes) override.

Coding a file local to a procedure behaves exactly the same as
coding it in another module or another program, at least
regarding the file paths.

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