I've just tried to create a quick table, and keep getting the following
informational message: (seemingly one per read)


Any ideas?

that's no bug, it's a feature. ArdGate is writing to the joblog the original SQLSTATE coming from the remote database and the SQLCODE, which is derived from ArdGate from the original SQLSTATE. I've changed this a couple of months ago, because DB2 makes its decisions based on the SQLCODE and sometimes it exchanges the SQLSTATE, coming from the ARDPGM with some value, it likes better and the original information has disappeared. This message should be the first source of information if something unexpected is happening, second step would be to google with this SQLSTATE and the brand of your remote database. Third step would be to have a look to the java logfile, final step would be to change log4j.properties to debug level and send the logfile, a minimized example and some description to D*B to his well known eMail adresse and hopefully he has some hints and in rare cases a patch for a bug.


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