Years ago, I went up to the IBM labs in Rochester MN for another reason.
While there I noticed all these welcome signs for SSA. Turns out they
were recently up there to stress test their application. IBM had set up
banks of ?AIX? machines to simulate data entry. Perhaps contacting IBM is
a possibility to pursue. I suspect it won't be you getting something for
nothing though.

Have you contacted Mapics about such a load tester?

Another options is Nutech. They have a screen mapper. It can be used for
a host of things:
- Feeding batch data through simulated data entry as an upload from EDI,
- Cutting down vendor supplied screens with a bazillion fields down to
just the fields your users use. Without source modification.
- Shrink screens down to fit on hand held barcode devices, again using
many of the same concepts as the above line.

Let me relate a horror story from an accounting roll out we did years ago.
Programmer/analyst tested it. Turned users loose on it. Failed
immediately. Programmer/Analyst had all object authority - users did not.
Since then the person has been reassigned and has not written a line of
code in over 15 years.

Rob Berendt

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