On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 11:59 PM, Birgitta Hauser <Hauser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
@2: An UDF is only deterministic within the same job or connection.


Is this documented?

I have no doubt that is the way it works right now, but I'm worried
that it's simply an implementation detail that would be subject to
change unannounced.

Given the original description of the UDF, I'd consider it NOT DETERMINISTIC.

I used to use DETERMINISTIC as more of an "it's ok to cache this", but
after discussions with Kent...I quit doing so. Now the only thing I
use DETERMINISTIC on are functions that just look at the input
parameters; date conversion for example.

If James really wants to define this as DETERMINISTIC, I'd suggest
passing in the user ID as well...but I'd guess that he's also looking
at a DB table or something....which in my book automatically makes it


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