I appreciate the idea but unfortunately, this won't help.

I could have 5 copies of spool file member XYZ, all dated six months ago, and 5 copies of ABC, all dated yesterday. I would need the utility to delete the 4 oldest copies of each, leaving the latest XYZ (from six months ago) and the latest ABC (from yesterday). I always want to keep the latest copy of a spool file, no matter how old it is.

But I think I'll file this away in my fevered little brain as something to look into (for other purposes) in the future.



"Jeff Crosby" <jlcrosby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:mailman.791.1346865353.2683.midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx...
As an alternative, how about expiring spool files?

I don't know exactly what you may be after, but you can do either OVRPRTF
EXPDATE(thedate) or OVRPRTF EXPDATE(*DAYS) DAYS(1). Then use a job
scheduler job to run once a day and run the DLTEXPSPLF command. It gets
rid of all expired spool files.

I use the DAYS() example a lot. Some reports 1 day, some 3 days, some 30
days, etc. There are different logs or registers that I create, never
intending to print, but may want to look at if an issue arises.

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