Not expecting anyone to violate any NDA's.

There's an IBM site supposedly dedicated to future hardware/software

It's getting rather crappy. Clicking on hardware takes you to the same
place as software. And very little, if any, is "future". This used to be
a useful site. You used to be able to see stuff like "in a future release
of i AnyNet will be no longer...". Now all the future seems past tense
and should be on different links. For example, knowing that certain cards
won't be supported on Power 7 is important, but hardly qualifies for

I had seen this comment on this list back in May
Minimum load source size is currently 35GB. Soon it will be 70GB. My
recommendation is 70GB or larger.
I'd like to see comments like this back on this site. I also remember
seeing comments on this site like "Release x of Domino will not be
supported on the next release of IBM i".

End of year time is coming and it would really help budget time to know
what may be coming shortly.

Rob Berendt

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