VALUE('-Djava.version=1.4;')" did the trick.

Thanks to all - now for some real testing...


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Hi Tom,

I don't think JAVA_HOME worked on v5r2, did it?

There were issues in (maybe v5r2?) with not being able to control the way
RPG started the JVM. It ignored CLASSPATH, and,
and you really couldn't get it to do anything.
But, eventually (via PTF) they added support for all of that stuff.

You might try using QIBM_RPG_JAVA_PROPERTIES to see if that helps.


This (like CLASSPATH) should be done in a fresh session before you've run
any Java at all. So, if your program is being run interactively, sign off
and back on again before setting the envvar. And don't run any
RPG-calling-java programs until after the envvar is set.

If that doesn't work, then my guess is that you're missing the appropriate
PTFs. Not sure if they're still available, though?

If they're not, your only other alternative is to start the JVM via the JNI
APIs. Not fun. But, it would give you the ability to specify stuff like the
JVM version.

But, what can you do? This is the price you pay for using an outdated OS.

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