On 3/2/11 9:20 AM, Dennis Lovelady wrote:
I have been scanning the web looking for a made-for-humans chart
that will describe the various SQL CLI values and how they relate to
our beloved i. There are a few references that make a feeble attempt
at correlating [some of] these values against C object types, but
these fall way short, especially when it comes to Packed vs. Zoned,
et cetera. (This is made more confusing that the terms PACKED and
ZONED don't even apparently make it to the SQL CLI vocabulary, and
are apparently replaced by the ambiguous SQL_NUMERIC and SQL_DECIMAL
(?) terms. But I digress.)

Some of the ambiguities are: SQL_BIGINT, SQL_BINARY, SQL_INT,
SQL_DECFLOAT. That's just for starters. Obviously, some of these are
synonyms for others, but that knowledge by itself isn't much help.

Where may I find a chart or other reference that will help me
decipher the SQL data types, in hopes that a clever routine may make
use of this information for conversion purposes?

Perhaps the various "Determining equivalent SQL and <whatever HLL> data types" is of some value; showing how SQLTYPE and SQLLEN are determined for host variables.? I happened to be in v5r4 infocenter, so:

Regards, Chuck

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