Hi, Shannon:

You can use the OS/400 command CHGOWN to change the owner -- you can use a pattern, such as:

CHGOWN OBJ('dir/subdir/*') NEWOWN(userprof) RVKOLDAUT(*YES)

You can also use the OS/400 command CHGAUT to change the authorities if needed.


Mark S. Waterbury

> On 8/31/2010 9:35 PM, Shannon O'Donnell wrote:
Is there a unix-type command, CHMOD possibly?, that I can use to do the

- Change authorities for an already attached user profile

- Remove one or more user profiles already authorized to the objects

I have something like 6 million IFS objects (images) in one directory and
they are owned by something like 5 profiles. I want/need to reduce that to
a single profile owner.

To make this more challenging, there are a ton of sub-directories below the
parent directory.

I know I could write a program to recurse through all this and do it but it
seems like there should be unix command already to do this and I'm just not
seeing it.


Shannon O'DOnnell

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