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And Materialize Context (QusMaterializeContext) API provides the function of MATCTX at all security levels, according to the documentation.

Service Program: QUSMIAPI

It's been around since v3r7 and documentation is at

and at

From the latter, which is the actual MI function, this information -

If *_modification date/time_* selection is specified, then entries are selected according to the time of last modification in addition to any object identification selection specified. The *_timestamp_* in the materialization control is used to determine which entries will be selected. Entries with modification timestamps greater than or equal to the /timestamp/ specified in the control will be selected. Besides the additional selection done as above, the materialize will work the same as specified in the other controls.

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CRPence wrote:
Although others have suggested DSPOBJD and that might seem nice, consider that members are not objects [manifest to the user nor DSPOBJD] at the library level. Although the first data change should be reflected in the *FILE, to be sure all database members were included, I would also prefer to use the DSPFD to get either *MBR or *MBRLIST output for its change information. Regardless...

What is really desired here is the "changed object list" for the library. I described something about an actual usage of the COL in the APAR text for SE17466 which can be found at:

The MATCTX instruction provides the ability to provide selection for objects modified since a specified modification date\timestamp. I infer the "programming note" can be handled best, by passing the last full save date for the library. This would likely be just what the SAVCHGOBJ does to generate its list of objects. Unlike DSPOBJD, the MATCTX does return internal object types like the object type *MEM [aka x/0D50].

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Richard Schoen wrote:
I'm putting together a process to back up changed libraries.
What's the fastest way to identify if at least one object in a library
has changed within the last 24hrs so I can back it up.

One option is SAVCHGOBJ, but I want to spin through al list of all
libraries and identify any where at least 1 object has changed.

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