I've not tried it, but there is a way to get the first n rows from a SELECT. If that can be put into a view or a correlated table expression (using With RS as (select ...)) then you could average over that result set. You could also use a nested table expression (put that SELECT inside parentheses in the table list of your main SELECT).


Jack Prucha wrote:
I can get an average fo all the records. The accounts without a balance
don't count.

SELECT AVG(b0balance) FROM cvactdtl
WHERE b0balance > 0

I can calculate 25% of the records

SELECT COUNT(*) * .25 FROM cvactdtl
WHERE b0balance > 0

But how can I calculate the average of the top 25% records. Records with
the same balance would be counted separately.

I've looked at RANK and PARTITION BY but can't find enough information to
understand their use.

Any ideas?


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