Wonder who that customer could have been?


It did work like a charm. Nothing better than your system calling for

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RE: My server room is overheating


At one of my customers we had set up the HMC for Service
notification, and one Saturday night around 7:00pm their computer room got
up to 100 degrees (A/C died). The HMC sent us all an email, telling us
the Ambient temperature surrounding the FSP had gotten too high. I
the email on my phone, and called the customer who was just amazed that I
knew his computer room had overheated and I was over 1000 miles away. He
sent someone to the office, and when they opened the door he said it was
like an oven inside.

Just another great reason to have an HMC.


Pete Massiello
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Thanks to all who replied. As soon as I fired off my original post, the
email server dropped. Servers started dropping like flies, never seen
anything quite like it, one after the other. Of course the iSeries were
still crank'n away! We powered down the two iSeries boxes prior to a hard
shut down, they were both going strong in the 100 degree room.

The system issued the following message, but it appears it didn't get
delivered until after the IPL. I'd like to monitor for this condition
to it becoming critical, is anyone else doing this?

Message ID . . . . . . : CPPEA5A Severity . . . . . . . : 99

Message type . . . . . : Information

Date sent . . . . . . : 09/18/09 Time sent . . . . . . :

Message . . . . : *Attention* Contact your hardware service provider
Cause . . . . . : An error occurred due to an environmental condition
as temperature, power source, user error or other problem.

Recovery . . . : Contact your hardware service provider and provide

following list of possible failing items:


You should shut down the machine now. And make sure to get two
redundant ACs, fed through separate power and backed by separate UPSes
in the future.

Yes we have redundant systems, but it turns out it was wired incorrectly.
Guess it was never tested, this was all before my time here. Yesterdays
test failed!

Thanks again, Tim

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subject: RE: My server room is overheating

What's the room temp now?

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Subject: My server room is overheating

The AC in the room is out. Does the iSeries have an auto shutdown
warning system, etc, if it gets too hot? What temp in the room is "safe",
will it fry itself, should it me shut down, etc?


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