We do do code review (sometimes.) We're not as formalized as many
companies but when we're working on the harder parts of a system it's
nice to have a second set of eyes. We've even gone as far as doing
quasi-pair-programming for some of the deeper parts. The code where
we've done this is code that is complex, multi-threaded, critical
performance, heavy load type code. For your average subfile I don't see
the point.

As for how the programmers take it, they're actually the ones that
usually ask for it. There should be a shop standard that they're
following, so there's only so much "style" involved. And a code review
isn't to say that what you did is wrong (usually), but rather to add a
set(s) of eyeballs to say "did you think about..." and "what happens

As the open-source community is fond of saying, "with enough eyeballs,
all bugs are shallow."


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