My experience with QNTC is that its shaky, at best. Sometimes, if
everything is just works flawlessly. Most of the time however, the
slightest change of anything on the Windows side (i.e., installing
anti-virus updates, adding or subtracting from a user permission, etc..)
will cause QNTC to fail.

My point being, even if you do get this to's extremely likely that
a month, or six months from now, it will mysteriously stop working and then
you'll have to go through all of this diagnosing again to figure out why it
doesn't work then.

Check the archives, there are several alternate solutions you can use
besides QNTC which are less painful.

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Has anyone had any luck getting a QNTC setup on a v5r3 system to open a
on a Windows 2008 Standard server? I have Wireshark loaded and I'm watching
packets come in and I'm not even seeing an SMB attempt, I can open the share
through windows and I see the SMB protocol attempts flood in, but when I
attempt to open it through our AS400 it never makes an attempt, or doesn't
like it at least, all I get are name query packets. I can open QNTC just
on our Windows 2003 and 2000 servers just fine.

I assume this is something similar to the Vista drive mapping to the IFS
problem that's been seen on v5r3 or older, since Win2k8 is based on the same
Windows NT 6.0 Service Pack 1 kernel as Vista is. I've tried disabling SMB
signing, changed the LmCompatibilityLevel to 0, 1, 2, different case
passwords, shorter passwords, nothing seems to make a difference. Is Win2k8
listening on a different port for SMB than QNTC is setup maybe?

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated, this is almost as
frustrating as working with Vista!


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