On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 1:24 AM, Steve Richter <stephenrichter@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I guess the issue is with VIOS or the AMM running the console command
and returning with error messages when the console is in use
elsewhere. The instructions say to run "env -T blade[x]" then
"console". Maybe there are parms on the console command which cause
it to return immed when the console is not available. Looking at the
AIX infocenter
I find the "env" command but no -T argument. I dont see the "console" command.

Yes, because they are AMM commands that have nothing to do with AIX -
the AMM env command is not the AIX env command. All these commands do
is to establish a SOL (Serial over LAN) Session to the primary Serial
Port on the POWER Blade. Of course that port could be used as a
console, but it doesn't have to. And how should it know that the
serial port is used a console or not?

It's the same when i connect to the RSA Adapter in a System x and
enter the SOL session without having the EMS enabled in the Windows
bootloader - nothing happens, because the OS is not using the serial

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