Jim Franz wrote:
Remote customer has a V4R4 model 170 and an error msg during a save
system (opt 21) QTQIINIT in QSYS damaged. Later a CPF0937 Machine
Check Not Recoverable in same save system. No disk errors I can see.
There were two other user files with damage, one a source file. RCLSTG did not fix it. IPL did not fix it. Help text said I need to
reload OS. Is there a reason I cannot just restore that single object
(at V4R4)? Also - any cume ptfs for V4R4 after 00147? (it's been that
long since I worked on this box..)

Just a reminder: Only delete and re-create|restore can correct an object identified with full /damage/. An IPL may effect damage correction, but only when the IPL causes a program to run, that will both detect and then re-create the object. A RCLSTG *does not correct* general object /damage/, neither partial nor full. One of the primary functions of /reclaim storage/ is *damage notification* which means that after the reclaim finishes, a review of the output from the request to DSPLOG QHST ((time_of_rclstg)) MSG(CPF8100 CPF8200) /* maybe CPI and CPD of the same range */ will list the objects that require recovery action of delete and re-create|restore; i.e. the reclaim by itself will have notified, but recovery actions are left to the operator.

For an object that is part of the OS [that is not temporary or otherwise automatically recovered by recreate, for example by an IPL], typically the recovery is to re-install. When the object is visible on the SAVSYS and does not have other special requirements, the object can be deleted and then restored from that media. The trick of course is knowing enough about the OS to know whether a recovery /other than/ re-install is a valid recovery. Someone noted the named object is a Service Program [*SRVPGM] object, which generally has no special requirements for restore [except to ensure restore from the same fix level] after the delete. However as I recall the program objects are not [at all, all, or always] /visible/ on the SAVSYS media, so restore of the object saved from another system at the same PTF level after deleting the damaged object would generally effect recovery. Note: if the object were a Program [*PGM] object instead, then simply restoring the object is often insufficient; requiring either a patch after restore or to just have done the re-install.

Regards, Chuck

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