I checked my system. QTQIINIT is a srvpgm - for us has not been used for 4 years and has no locks so I don't see why you could not try the restore. If this does not work then go to a recent SAVSYS and just restore the OS.

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Subject: object in qsys damaged

Remote customer has a V4R4 model 170 and an error msg during a
save system (opt 21)  QTQIINIT in QSYS damaged.
Later a CPF0937 Machine Check Not Recoverable in same save system.
No disk errors I can see.
There were two other user files with damage, one a source file.
RCLSTG did not fix it.
IPL did not fix it.
Help text said I need to reload OS.
Is there a reason I cannot just restore that single object (at V4R4)?
Also - any cume ptfs for V4R4 after 00147? (it's been that long since
I worked on this box..)
Jim Franz

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