It has been a while since I've worked with DDM in the fashion you want
to but here is what I remember.

Map out everything on paper before you start. Each system you are
accessing will require setting changes if you want to see a user
profile other than QUSER. Your changes will impact every application
utilizing DDM.

You start with changing DDM to use passwords (CHGDDMTCPA) and set up
Server Authentication Entries. Use GO CMDAUTE to see the list of
commands available for authentication entries.

CHGDDMTCPA has a system wide impact so you will want to take care when
changing it. Any application using DDM will be impacted by your

Server Authentication Entries are sensitive to system value QRETSVRSEC.
They require a user profile and server name. Server name is case
sensitive. The server for DDM is QDDMSERVER. User password is case
sensitive as well. Having the same passwords on all systems will make
using Server Authentication Entries much easier. The one you enter on
your host system contains the password used on the target system. Your
host system is a client system.

Now that you know which applications use DDM, the user profiles and
passwords using these applications you are ready to set everything up.

1. Refer to the Distributed Database Programming Guide for details. The
"Security for an iSeries Distributed Relational Database" section will
be helpful.

2. Create Server Authentication Entries on the systems.

If you have DDM access from a remote system back to the host system
then the remote system will also require
Server Authentication Entries.

3. CHGDDMTCPA to require the password level you desire.

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It's been a few years, so need someone to point me in the right
direction. I have a Host system, and about 100 remotes. I want to create
a DDM file in QTEMP, point to the remote... Do a SBMRMTCMD in a CL,
execute some commands.. then do a RCLRSC... Change the DDM file in
QTEMP, and continue to the next box. Get the idea... Problem is... The
profile on the Target Box is always QUSER. I need it to be my profile,
or the user of the batch job doing this. I think I have to create a
unique MODE, and then associate it to a profile maybe? Then put a
communication entry in QCMN subsystem? I just don't remember how to set
this up, its been many years. Trying to go through the various manuals
on the IBM site, and can't find what I am looking for. Can anyone help
me... Thanks, Keith...

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