Help for CRTCLGPM states "The underlined values for this parameter
[OPTION] are similar to, but actually default values, and therefore,
cannot be changed with the Change Command Default (CHGCMDDFT) command."

Not to be flippant, but do you use a source control product? They
usually let you set global defaults for program creation.

Possibly a less desirable option is to clone the CRTCLPGM command to
another library, retrieve source, and modify so it has a default value
(add DFT to the parameter). Not sure how this is affected with proxy

Loyd Goodbar
Business Systems
BorgWarner Shared Services
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Good morning everyone
again my beauty sleep was interrupted because of a production problem.
time it was a CLP program that the programmer had NOT compiled with
OPTION(*SRCDBG) so I could not use STRSRVJOB with STRDBG to have a look
what values certain fields had. Needless to say, that certain programmer
will feel my wrath when he gets back from vacation.
So, to trying to be pro-active, I decided to change the default to the
CRTCLPGM using the following command

This does not work. The following error is returned
No default value exists for keyword OPTION.

Does anyone know of a way to change the OPTION parameter so that *SRCDBG
will be used?

Thanks in advance

Alan Shore

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